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Sneaker Cleaning with Jason Markk

Jason Markk sneaker cleaning products laid outIn recent years sneakers have transitioned away form being worn only on the court or the weekend to an everyday staple and even considered completely office appropriate. That is not to say that your gym shoes can double as work shoes, but as men’s style continues to evolve, a nice pair of sneaks can give a modern feel to work wear and update the  look of your favorite suit.

But just like dress shoes,  if you are going to wear them to work, you need to treat them well and keep them clean. Right now, Jason Markk creates some of the best products out there to keep your favorite sneakers always looking fresh, and help avoid ruining your favorite pair.

Before the first wear, give almost every new shoes a protective layer by spraying with Repel. This water-based barrier won’t alter the texture or look of your shoes, but will protect it against liquids and stains. If you do have stains you need to clean off, use a brush and the Shoe Cleaner as a gentle solution to clean and condition. The Standard Brush is great for getting mud off midsoles and the softer Premium Brush cleans up canvas and suede like a dream. When on the go, keep a couple of the Quick Wipes in your bag for those unforeseen mishaps. The durable textured material makes these spot cleaners a quick and easy solution when you don’t have time for a full clean.

Be sure to check out the video that Eugene Tong did for Mr. Porter showing how he keeps his sneaks looking so good with the help of Jason Markk products.

Pick up the entire shoe care kit here  for the ultimate in sneaker cleaning or shop for other Jason Markk products below: