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Sneaker Cleaning with Jason Markk

Jason Markk sneaker cleaning products laid outIn recent years sneakers have transitioned away form being worn only on the court or the weekend to an everyday staple and even considered completely office appropriate. That is not to say that your gym shoes can double as work shoes, but as men’s style continues to evolve, a nice pair of sneaks can give a modern feel to work wear and update the  look of your favorite suit.

But just like dress shoes,  if you are going to wear them to work, you need to treat them well and keep them clean. Right now, Jason Markk creates some of the best products out there to keep your favorite sneakers always looking fresh, and help avoid ruining your favorite pair.

Before the first wear, give almost every new shoes a protective layer by spraying with Repel. This water-based barrier won’t alter the texture or look of your shoes, but will protect it against liquids and stains. If you do have stains you need to clean off, use a brush and the Shoe Cleaner as a gentle solution to clean and condition. The Standard Brush is great for getting mud off midsoles and the softer Premium Brush cleans up canvas and suede like a dream. When on the go, keep a couple of the Quick Wipes in your bag for those unforeseen mishaps. The durable textured material makes these spot cleaners a quick and easy solution when you don’t have time for a full clean.

Be sure to check out the video that Eugene Tong did for Mr. Porter showing how he keeps his sneaks looking so good with the help of Jason Markk products.

Pick up the entire shoe care kit here  for the ultimate in sneaker cleaning or shop for other Jason Markk products below:


Transition Pieces Perfect for Summer

Blue linen blazer worn on State and Standard blog as transitional summer dressing6.25-14326.25-1462 6.25-1436 6.25-1445 6.25-14936.25-1479I really appreciate pieces that I can wear in more than one way and part of the fun with menswear is the ability to take a standard “uniform” (shirt & pants, primarily)  and dress it up or down. This is the same shirt and pants that I wore while we were in St. Thomas, but by adding a linen blazer and swapping sandals for brogues, my island-wear can also be office appropriate. Kind of a novel idea, but a single statement blazer can truly elevate most looks. This type of transitional summer dressing is what keeps the warmer months still looking sharp.

During the summer, linen becomes your best friend in almost every iteration. You can find linen pants, shirts, jackets…pretty much anything. And it is no wonder, with such a breathable fabric, that it gets used so often. Investing in these types of pieces, like this linen blazer, are completely seasonably appropriate but also strong style statements will help getting dressed a bit easier. So

Sand Linen Sportcoat
J. Crew Slim Secret Wash Shirt
J. Crew Lightweight Chinos
Banana Republic Brogues
Ray-Ban Clubmasters
Frank & Oak Belt
Ben Minkoff Briefcase
Apple Watch



Kelvin from Notoriously Dapper wearing monochromatic neutralsWearing completely monochromatic neutrals is one of the freshest looks this summer. Easy neutral colors will pair well with each other, and can be mixed with almost anything. Top everything off with white sneaks and summer fedora for a clean warm weather look.


Shop Kelvin’s Look

Gant Rugger Oxford Shirt
Bonobos Cotton Chinos (Included in Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!)
Vans Slip On Sneakers
Raen Sunglasses
Mianssai Anchor Leather Wrap
Brixton Fedora



Dressing Appropriately on Island Time

Untucked striped button down and light green pants worn as appropriate resort wear on state and standard blog.Island Vibes-3013Island Vibes-3017Island Vibes-3015Island Vibes-3032Island Vibes-3024

Lightweight styles are always my go-to pieces when packing for summer travel. For our trip to St. Thomas last week,  I knew I wanted comfortable and easy-to-wear styles that would all still be appropriate to wear out to dinner at the resort. Everyone wants to relax on vacation but that doesn’t mean you should forego all care in what you wear.  Rolling your sleeves, cuffing your pants, even leaving your shirt tail untucked are all great ways to look and feel more relaxed without becoming “that guy” slobbing around the resort. Appropriate resort wear will help look your best, even while you are checked out.

J. Crew Slim Secret Wash Shirt
J. Crew Lightweight Chinos
Han Kjobenhavn Wolfgang Sunglasses
Birkenstock Arizona Sandals
Apple Watch