Tied at the Waist

As 90’s and Y2K styles continue to creep to the forefront of trend, I find myself stepping back to classic styles and finding comfort in neutrals —but sometimes, you gotta try something new. As someone who lived through it the first time, there is nothing more quintessentially 90’s than the oversized shirt tried at the waist. And while this linen over shirt is a far step away from the grunge plaid that owned this vibe, there is still a slight feeling of nostalgia here.

As true with all things, you can’t go all in on style with no substance, so the over-shirt, as I know I have said here before, is a true must have. This lightweight linen is the perfect layer to add interest without being too hot, and gives an completed vibe to a simple outfit. A simple solid tee and jeans can look elevated when you choose a cool color (I’m digging this dusty pink) and layer it.

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