The Spring Weight Blazer

Gone, for now, are the days of structured blazers and jackets. As we get deeper into the year and things start to warm up, I feel like we collectively tend to dress a little less structured. Even if you like to keep your colors darker or neutral, you can opt for a knit or jersey blazer as a way to add that layer without feeling too up tight. This one from ASOS has been one that I reach for often in order to sharpen an overall look but without the worry of losing comfort or overheating.

Fit on this blazer is true, but with most things ASOS, when they say skinny or slim fit, they mean it.

As I mentioned in this post, I am really here for the simple graphic print right now. I am one that typically shies away from a lot of print and pattern, but the clean simple graphics of late are actually a nice change up to my typical solid pieces. This sweatshirt from H&M adds a modern feel to an overall great fitting sweatshirt.

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