Amazon Graphic Sweatshirt

As the weather begins to warm up a little, the sweatshirt takes its place as a main closet staple for the next few months. The always easy to layer sweatshirt is a great option to wear with or sans a jacket or shirt underneath. During the spring months, the sweatshirt really replaces the wool sweaters of winter, and allows for a more casual vibe overall.

I found this graphic sweatshirt at Amazon, and while I would technically consider it more of a long sleeve tee than a sweatshirt– I don’t make the rules or the product names. The graphic gives it just the right amount of cool while still feeling classic and timeless, especially when paired with a good pair of black denim. I find that a lot of the clothing items from Amazon can be hit or miss, but I was overall pretty happy with this one. The fit is true, maybe a little long in the torso, but overall a true to size fit.


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