The Best 10 Hoodies for Fall Right Now

Now that we are officially into fall, and the weather has that perfect temperature for being outside at all times — its time to reach into the back of the closet and bring all your hoodies to the front. Hoodie SZN is undoubtedly the best season (dont @ me summer people), and so I’ve pulled together 10 of the best hoodies for fall to get you fully ready.

Don’t get me wrong, I will never give up wearing black, but I’m really into the some of the muted earth tones this year, and of course the essential logo hoodie is a staple. Check out all of my picks below and click on the image to cop them for yourself.


Express EDITION Tie Dye Hoodie

A modern update on the classic black, this hoodie is easy to wear with just about anything, but gives just the right amount of edge.

BP Fleece Hoodie

A great example of the muted earth tones that I’m excited about this fall. Paired with any wash of denim or joggers, this dusty tan is a standout

H&M Cotton Hoodie

While this seems a bit of a swerve, this true blue color is a classic. This one is part of the Blank Staples collection as minimalist piece to let your own style shine through.

AllSaints Diverge Logo Hoodie

Always a favorite of mine, AllSaints just gets it. With a constant collection of all things cool, this hoodie is no exception. I love the play on their logo with the split and the lighter colorway compared to their normally darker style.

A&F Essential Oversized Hoodie

For the classic fittings and eternal syling simplicity, you really cant beat the hoodies from A&F. In a ton of colors, these popover style with limited details lets the oversize fit fully shine. I am partial to this brown color, but all of these muted tones are perfect for right now.

Madewell Pullover Hoodie

Another great option for just straight forward styling, madewell’s no bullsh*t styles are truly closet essentials. With the success of the women’s brand, they are doing us guys right by keeping it clean but finding just the right styles.

Express Slub Terry Hoodie

Taking the classic cream up a notch, this slub terry hoodie has an unexpected texture that is both super soft, and super cozy. It is these little details that Express can hit just right.

Free Assembly Fleece Hoodie

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to look good. The new Free Assembly brand from Walmart is actually getting good inspo and creating pieces that you truly want to wear. And on an everyman’s budget — this one is only $26!

Club Monaco Waffle Hoodie

When you need a little luxury, you can always count on Club Monaco to come through. This small waffle knit hoodie has a cool texture that allows you to contrast with other fabrics for classic menswear styling. Plus, grey is an absolute in any hoodie collection.

Reigning Champ Lightweight Terry Hoodie

Reigning Champ really sets the bar in terms of hoodies and knits overall. I have two of their midweight hoodies that are 5 years old and look brand new. While this color is definitely a bit of a swerve, it truly can embody the spirit of fall effortlessly.

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