Easy Options for Summer Suiting

Suiting always has been the pinnacle of classic menswear; the ultimate idea of dapper and pulled together style. You don’t have to look for very long across the internet to find any number of guys completely acing a suited look, but has never been a big part of my style. I have been self-employed for the majority of my working life, so never had a strict office dress code to worry about. Other than my classic navy Ludlow that I pull out for weddings and special occasions, I just didn’t have many suiting options.

So, in trying to break out of my routine this summer, I opted for a new version of an old classic with the suit from ASOS. I really like the bolder brighter blue, that feels modern but not over the top. The lightweight wool is not too hot (for now) and has a great feel and texture. I think it will be a perfect substitute for my navy suit at a few of the weddings this summer or just a nice evening out.

So try it out– give your grey and navy suits a break and go for something a bit more modern. ASOS has a lot of options for suiting that are inexpensive and to any degree of boldness you are brave enough to try. Summer events are the perfect time to showcase a more unique style and compliment your badass dance moves during the reception.

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