The 10 Summer Menswear Essentials

As of this week, Summer has officially  begun so I pulled my 10 summer menswear essentials for full enjoyment while looking sharp. I am especially a fan of the white denim and the clean white tee.

1. Khaki Suit– For work or a summer wedding, khaki is the smart way to go this summer.
2. Slip-on Sneakers– As easy to wear, but a lot more appropriate than flip flops.
3. Perfect Fitting Tee– Always a great time to start with fresh whites.
4. Printed Shirt– Bold prints are everywhere. Don’t miss out on the fun.
5. Panama Hat– Trade in your ball cap for something a little more beachy.
6. Classic Sunglasses– Classic shapes are the perfect summer upgrade.
7. Linen Shirt– Stay cool with the lightweight easy styling of linen.
8. White Denim– Crisp and clean while also showing a touch of confidence.
9. Easy Carryall Bag– Toss in the football, towel, sunscreen and 6-pack and head to the beach.
10. Updated Swimwear–  Toss the long board shorts and try something a bit more modern.

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